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as the Founder of The Keen Collective, It’s my mission to empower, educate and support passionate business owners to achieve more with their marketing.

What’s Claire’s Story?

I moved from the chilly UK to Australia’s so-good-it-should-be-illegal climate with my family back in 2001. I’ve always had a business project on the go (candle making, meditation classes - you name it I’ve tried it). But it wasn’t until I received my fancy piece of paper (see: Bachelor of Communication, majoring in PR and Creative Advertising) that I found my calling.

I scored a job at Seven West Media (Channel 7 to most) working across all things television, print, digital and social for their various brands. I helped some pretty big-name brands buy media and learned a heck of a lot about the media industry. Next, I took on a role as a Senior Account Manager in a full-service Advertising and Marketing Agency. This gave me a complete understanding of the media landscape and the very real struggles business owners face…

It got me thinking:

Imagine if I could help businesses to truly understand, master and implement powerful marketing strategies without the missed opportunities, wasted money and frustrations. So I stopped imagining and started doing.

VOILA: The Keen Collective was born.

Who Are We For?

Good question. The Keen Collective is for business owners who:

  • Crave a creative burst of new ideas for content creation, marketing material and everything in between

  • Find marketing as confusing as my accent (hi, I’m a Brit from Scotland who lives in Australia and sounds Canadian)

  • Don’t know where to start with their marketing and want clear steps to take (minus the 50+ page dust-collector)

  • Have been burnt in the past by agencies who didn’t deliver on the results they promised

What’s in it For You?  

  • Creative marketing strategies designed for your specific business

  • Support, through in-person meetings, voice notes and video calls, so you’ll never feel alone

  • Results-driven action plans that you’ll ACTUALLY want to use

  • Tasks broken down into easy, categorised chunks so you know exactly what to do next

Plus, we get to hang out - so that’s just an added bonus…

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picking up what we’re putting down?

well, you have a few options on how to work with us:

Consultation - aka you do it

Once we have met for your Introductory Consult, you will leave armed with a clear action plan and a wealth of knowledge to start implementing. This is a popular option for people with a smaller budget but big dreams!

collaboration - aka we do it

Some business owners crave extra accountability, flexibility and an ongoing relationship. The ‘we do it’ option means we’ll work collaboratively on your plan ahead and I’ll assist you with project management. This is our most popular option because you get the support, direction and expertise but it is cost effective and easy on the wallet.

connection - aka i do it

You know the importance of marketing,  but you’d rather experts take the reigns, instead of doing it yourself. I’ll connect your business with trusted partners to take action and implementation your behalf, plus I will oversee it all to ensure everything comes in on time, on budget and dripping in strategic goodness.

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