Welcome to the keen collective

Hey, my name is Claire McKeen - Founder of The Keen Collective. We are a boutique marketing agency who are doing things a little differently. We believe in finding the right person for the right project, which means we do not have in-house creatives who profess to be a jack of all trades. Instead we take the time in the planning phase to get to know your business and your needs. We assess what The Keen Collective can complete in our areas of strengths and assess who else we need for the project. From here we then select the ideal fit from our range of known and trusted partners… the right team for your project. The Keen Collective will project management anyone we outsource to, ensuring they are briefed exceptionally well and keep you updated on all progress.

For you as the client, this means that you get to collaborate with the absolute best team for your business, you achieve the best result plus you only have one main point of contact, saving you valuable time but still having your finger on the pulse AND being in control. This is ‘big’ agency style service WITHOUT any pressure of big agency style media spends! We take one step at a time by ensuring your business is strategically set up from a branding and creative point of view before moving forward with any type of media spend. If and when you are ready to take the next steps (or if you are already there when you approach us!), we will then work closely together to create your holistic marketing strategy.

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who am i??

My background started out when I studied Advertising and Public Relations at university. I then progressed onto working at Seven West Media (Channel 7 to most) for a number of years with a focus on television, but eventually became more involved in all things print, digital and social for Pacific Magazines as well, which was amazing learning experience. My next step was working as a Senior Account Manager at an Advertising and Marketing Agency, which helped me gain full understanding of the media landscape, this is when I started working very closely with clients and realised the marketing struggles they faced…. and there I seen the gap in the market that I wanted to fill!

Businesses knew they had to market but it was overwhelming, they didn’t know where to begin and they didn’t even know how to brief people they were outsourcing to! This wasn’t just an issue for business owners, this was Marketing Managers too, who had been thrown in the deep end. All this confusion was creating missed opportunities, wasted money, wasted time, frustration all round and in the end simply not a great result. Which is where The Keen Collective comes into play, by flipping the format of a typical ‘Account Management’ style agency service to become a project management and strategic service… it eliminates the ‘salesy’ vibe, it transforms it into a customer centric business… and basically, it creates a better result! So why not come and try the difference.

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Getting personal with Claire MCkeen: Founder of tkc

Originally from the UK, I moved to Australia with my family in 2001, after less than a year in the Sydney, we decided to venture up to sunny Queensland - which is where I currently call home. I now live with my partner,  Jack, in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane. 

I have always been ambitious and growing up would always have a 'business project' on the go, from candle making, meditation classes to blogging, I was always having a go! Then one day as I was growing my career in advertising and marketing, I thought ‘why could I not to do this for myself’. Within a month and a half I was working full time in The Keen Collective and haven’t looked back since.


Get to know me a little better:


Primary School Teacher!! Then as I got older I would also say ‘business’, I thought that was going to be a restaurant though…

drink of choice

By day, black coffee.. iced in Summer, hot in Winter. By night, could be Espresso Martini, Mimosa… but more often than not, a beer.


Tough one but I think Go-To Skincare takes the cake. Everything they do is just the bomb.


By leaning on my support system, which looks like my boyfriend, my parents as well as the amazing community of business women have been lucky through Instagram.

Advice for new business owners  

Try all your ideas, left no stone unturned and if it doesn’t work just learn from it and move on. I always tell myself, it is just a part of my journey and everything happens for a reason.

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