Apps I Couldn't Do Business Without


6 Apps that I couldn’t do business without

From organisation to creation

There are countless apps out there that help us small business owners do our thing! I am always on the hunt for tools that are going to help me generally conduct my business better and that also slot in easily with my existing processes.

I am a firm believer that you should try to make your app ‘touch point’ as minimal as possible, for instance I know a lot of people do use multiple apps to edit photos with because different programs provide various effects/tools. I really try to NOT do this! Instead, opting for the premium versions of one app to access full functionality, this is normally not a bank breaker to do so! I don’t think I have ever paid more than $30 a year for any app I have purchased.

So here are some of the apps that I use daily, if not weekly at least, that help me perform, create and organise The Keen Collective effectively.


VSCO is my go-to photo editing app for on the go phone edits. I pay for the premium version of this as it allows me access to more sophisticated editing elements PLUS access to all the filters, which I do use from time to time! I really think VSCO is a powerful editing option that is quick and simple to navigate. I have dabbled in SnapSeed as an editing option and don’t mind it, however I personally just find VSCO more user friendly. The premium version I believe is about $28 per year, so not a huge investment at all! I will then use desktop Adobe LightRoom for more advanced editing needs.


My favourite digital to-do list. I plan out my Trello boards on the desktop version, then use my Trello app to check and update on the go. I do still use written to-do lists day to day, but I will always go back to my Trello boards every few days to ensure everything is on track! The great thing is that you can also share with others certain boards, so you invite colleagues, staff, clients or even family and friends to your boards! Mix personal and business with separate boards for different areas of your life.

Hype Type

A secret weapon to making your Insta-stories, Instagram feed videos and Facebook videos looking professional with just a few clicks! If you want to really up your game, download this NOW. I also paid for the premium version of this, again under $30 for a full year, which unlocks all formats and removes the Hype Type watermark which I think is a must do for that professional and sleek look! Hype Type is my on the go, quick video creation option, for more advanced videos, I use Adobe Premier Pro on the desktop because #adobeislife.


Another way to up your Insta-story game! You will have probably seen an Unfold format as an Instagram viewer… they are clean and minimal. I encourage you to download it and have a play around to find the templates that work for you, there are lots to choose from! TIP: Check the spelling on your creation! Not sure if it is a glitch but it always tends to autocorrect works to something totally random! Strange, but it is the only downfall!

Docs & Drive

Google Drive is a truly amazing thing! I store all my The Keen Collective brand and client documents on Google Drive, so I know even if my laptop goes KAPUT, I will have everything sitting there waiting for me on any computer. Having the Docs and Drive apps just mean that all my files are just a couple of clicks away, it is amazing how many times I need to quickly reference information on the fly. Plus anything I update on the app, automatically is updated everywhere else. Moral of the store, if you are not already on Google Drive. Get to it! TIP: Store copies of your passport, drivers license and other important documents on here too so again, they are always accessible should something go wrong.

Aside from these, the rest of my app uses are just the usual culprits like Facebook, Facebook Pages, Instagram, Youtube and Notes. Plenty others but I assure you nothing revolutionary (Trivia Crack anyone?? lol).

In terms of planning apps for Instagram, I don’t use them religiously. When I need to make sure an image flows with my feed (something I am trying to do less and less because I don’t want my content dictated by aesthetics!), I will use Planoly. This is also the app I recommend to clients for content planning as I do find it user friendly PLUS it has a desktop version too.

I would LOVE to know your must have apps, whether it is in general or for business purposes! Drop a comment below and tell me your top three!

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