Go-To Skincare: Marketing Review

Go-To Skincare - the brand on EVERYONE’S lips!

Let’s delve a little deeper into what makes this brand so damn popular!

We hope this helps serve you ultimate inspiration as you navigate your own brand in the right direction. Businesses of every size can learn something from the big guys. 

The Low Down:

Company: Go-To Skin Care

Founded: Zoe Foster-Blake (Swoon, go girl!)

Product or Service: E-commerce store selling cruelty-free, plant-derived skin care

Instagram Followers: 117,000

Facebook Likes: 27,000

Our favourite things about Go-To?

  • The products work!

  • The branding!! Especially the quirky and hilarious copy


What makes Go-To so successful?

There are countless reasons that attribute to the success of Go-To, though primarily, I believe the driving force is head honcho Zoe! Ex-beauty editor, turn author and business extraordinaire. Zoe is first and foremost amazingly authentic, realistic and relatable, as a mum of two, she doesn’t shy away from sharing the good and the bad, which her audience both appreciate and find hilarious. Her great sense of humour (I mean, c’mon…  she wrote a book about FARTS and won an award for it!), is also rippled entirely through the Go-To brand.

What also makes Zoe and her brand stand out is her credibility. Nobody who has been a top beauty editor for the best part of 15 years, is going to put a bad product into the world! Plus she understands the industry and her market enough to have an extremely reasonable price point on her products, they end up falling somewhere in between drugstore product pricing (e.g Sukin) and your more high end ranges (e.g La Mer).

Accordingly to LinkedIn, Zoe leads a team of between 11-50 people, so kudos to them for all the work they put in, the entire Go-To team should be really proud of the results they produce from impeccable branding right through to kick ass products that certainly fill my bathroom cabinet (as well as my bookshelf!).


Marketing Tools:

Go-To have a strong yet simple marketing strategy, by the looks of it they focus on a few channels, and do them really really well! Aside from the list below, one of Go-To’s biggest strength has been customer reviews and word of mouth advertising! Rightly so, they yell these reviews from the roof top and use them within their content marketing strategy too. Other strategies include:

  • Great PR - as a consumer this can be hard to differentiate between paid PR, paid advertising and genuine write ups (which is a good thing). Go-To and Zoe Foster Blake have had write ups and stamps of approval from Vogue Australia, Mamamia, InStyle, Collective Hub and many more!

  • Digital/Social Ads - From Google AdWords to sponsored Instagram ads, Go-To seem to have the digital and social space down pat. Particularly for products in this industry, this is crucial to absolute smash as it is arguably one of the best ways to reach their demographic! In support of this, it also looks like they do paid collaborations/sponsored content articles with the likes of Pedestrian TV, which again is absolutely hitting the nail on the head with targeting the right demographic!

  • Content Marketing - Now if there is one brand who has an incredibly unique, and recognisable personality, it is Go-To! Content marketing seems to be almost their bread and butter. The team create beautiful, quirky, on brand, relevant content to push out across their channels. They are funny without being too distracting, and importantly the voice of the brand correlates and is a reflection of Zoe Foster Blakes personal brand. On top of this, the same quirky copy and design is also rippled through the products packaging, the website, marketing emails… heck even the mailing box the products arrive in (one of which lives on my desk at work!)

  • Email Marketing - At The Keen Collective, we have a firm belief that email marketing is an absolute essential. Go-To do not overwhelm you with spam, there is purpose to each email, they are always well designed and that is coupled with the usual amazing copy. I genuinely look forward to reading them when I see it sitting in my inbox… plus as a consumer, I have purchased off the back of them on more than one occasion.

  • Freebie marketing - I have left my favourite for last! Go-To deploy freebie marketing that is RIGHT up my alley. By offering a small product that is simple, extremely on brand and exciting they help create buzz as well as brand loyalty. I had not been in the market to buy new skin care, but when I seen that they were offering a free scrunchie in the iconic Go-To peach colour, I placed an order of $124 (within about 3 minutes of seeing the promo for it!). It was the same with the peach ‘Leonardo DryCaprio’ shower cap… I felt like I HAD To have it. Customers will want to collect all of these limited edition freebies, plus they won’t mind coughing up the dollars to do so! Also to note, when I received my products with the shower cap, it also included another SURPRISE freebie (a sticker with the quote ‘Holy shit you look amazing’ which obviously is on my mirror). Adding the element of surprise is an incredible strategy, but adding it in while your customer is already getting something for free is even better! Your customer will feel extra special, and your brand likeability will sky rocket!

Go-To is an incredible Australian beauty success story! I hope this top line brand and marketing overview has helped serve as inspiration for you and your business.

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Claire x

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Keeping in mind this is what I have observed as a consumer, as well as utilising marketing resource tools I have available to me as a professional. By all means @gotoskincare, chip in if I have something wrong! All content is my own opinion based on research conducted by me.

Claire McKeen