4 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Ariana Grande

Hop on any social media platform at the moment and you will struggle to plough through the Ariana Grande posts! A killer new song, highly anticipated music video and suspected new album is the conclusion to a pretty rough year for this amazing women!

I will admit to being a huge fan girl of Ariana, but not only just for her music… it goes further than that. I love deep diving into exactly what makes these level of celebrities who they are, what marketing lessons we can learn from them and how we can apply these lessons into our own businesses! Here are my top four lessons that I think help contribute to the huge international love for this 25 year old from Florida!

Her brand oozes authenticity.

Ariana wears her heart on her sleeve, her communications to her fans particularly via social networks is personal, no PR mumbo jumbo here. Her fame and fortune put to the side, her fans relate to her! From posts about her dogs on Instagram, to gushing about her boyfriend on Instagram, her audiences knows that underneath the Ariana brand, there is a regular girl, who is mega talented, working hard and reaping the rewards. So how do you apply this to your brand? It is easy, show up, inject your personality into your brand and let people know exactly who are you!

She collaborates with other brands.

Ariana features and collaborates with other artists from Nicki Minaj to Macy Gray and everyone in between. Aside from the music industry she also has done brand collaborations with the likes of MAC Cosmetics, Guess, Reebok, English clothing company Lipsy. Whether it is Ariana creating a product line or having them feature in her music videos, every collaboration is an extension of her holistic brand, never looking forced or out of place. Another, slightly different take on collaboration, we see in the new ‘Thank U, Next’ music video, comes in the form of references to popular cult movies from the 2000’s. Sporting the actual actors from the movies themselves, other major artists and replica sets, this already highly anticipated music video was absolutely catapulted into record breaking territory, partly due to these collaborations. The shareability between fans and celebrity associations to the number of iconic movies was just a perfect recipe for success. Naturally your brand collaborations do not need to be on this big a scale, but the key takeaway is that collaborations are powerful, so utilise them where you can!

Every time you’re faced with something ugly, focus on something beautiful. What you focus on expands. Only you can change your reality.
— ariana grande

She is an early adopter of technology.

YouTube recently released a new way to share and watch new videos, a hybrid between a traditional video and a live stream, called Premieres. It allows users to experience the video together and chat with each other live. That same video will then continue to exist as a regular video available to be viewed after the streaming initial streaming as stopped. Ariana Grande used this platform to release the much anticipated ‘Thank U, Next’ music video. YouTube issued a Twitter announcement stating that ‘it broke the internet’! Rather it cause the comments section to delay due to the influx of traffic to the site! The video broke the record for the Premieres platform, it seen 829,000 viewers watching simultaneously with over 516,000 comments pouring into the sidebar comments section! At the current time of publishing this blog post, a mere 5 hours after the video went live, it has already amassed 14 million views (second update, less than 3 days later, it has hit over 87 million views!). A huge boost for this new platform, I am sure! So next time you think, ehh IGTV is just not my thing, maybe think… could I contribute to its rise?

She uses her platform and brand power to promote change.

Ariana tells it how it is and she does not simply go with the flow, instead showing up to empower others, especially women! In an interview she gave back in 2016 to Billboard, she stated ‘"I'm tired of needing to be linked to a guy, I'm not Big Sean’s ex, I'm not Niall Horan’s new possible girl. I'm Ariana Grande." How powerful is that. Ariana is not scared to speak her mind in interviews, on Twitter and delivers strong messages in her lyrics too. So what marketing lesson can we learn from this? That any brand can become positive role models for change, that any brand can work to lift others up! Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can pluck a cause or message out of nowhere and call it a marketing tactic, this has to be genuine and not looked at as ‘marketing’. It just so happens that when done in a genuine way, it can work in favourable way towards your brand image and attract loyal supporters.

These are only four the many MANY elements that contribute to the raging success that is Ariana Grande. I would love to know your thoughts on her brand, feel free to drop a comment below with your views! All in all, I think as smaller service and product based business owners it is important to look at other industries and types of brands that are highly successful, to see how we can apply some of their tactics to our own brands.