Marketing Your Business With Maximum Impact At Minimum Cost feat. Jess Ruhfus

One of the most common problems in the world of marketing is simply wanting to create maximum impact for minimum price. I get it, business is tough - small business can be even tougher, particularly when it comes to cash flow. Sometimes, it feels like a catch 22 - we need money to grow, but we need growth before we have money!

So while I harp on and on about the fact that there is no magic in marketing, no secret weapon that is going to make your business go from zero to 100 real quick… HOWEVER, if I had to pinpoint one strategy that had minimal or even no cost against it that if done right could truly make a difference? Collaborations!

The Keen Collective has built success mainly off a two key tactics:

  • Networking and forming genuine lasting relationships with other business owners

  • Creatively and strategically collaborating with the above mentioned amazing business owners

But don’t just take my word for it - I decided to bring in the big guns for this to really hammer the point home ;)

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Enter Jess Ruhfus

From Collabosaurus

First things first… for those who don’t know who Jess is, let’s allow her to introduce herself, share why she started her fabulous business and explain what the heck Collabosaurus is?

Hi! I'm Jess Ruhfus and I'm the Founder of Collabosaurus. I come from a fashion publicity background where I got frustrated pulling together brand partnerships for events - catering, goodie bags, venues, photographers, cool experiences - all on an absolute shoestring. I knew brand collaborations COULD be incredibly powerful if done right, and the space was so much bigger than just events.

Product collaborations like Gelato Messina x TimTam and social media collaborations like The Daily Edited x Hey Tiger giveaway are awesome ways to connect with new potential customers, grow through clever cross promotion, and leverage the existing assets we already have in business (rather than spend a fortune on cold advertising).

So, I launched Collabosaurus. It started as a 'matchmaker for brands' - essentially a dating website for your business. Now, it's an end-to-end platform for bringing awesome collaborations to life. We connect complementary businesses together for clever marketing partnerships in social media, products and events. We've seen over 5500+ brands use Collabosaurus to create collaboration campaigns for brand-to-brand partnerships (we're less about the influencer scene, and more about brand-to-brand) in a quarter of the time, with the tiniest of budgets and no big creative idea or pitching experience whatsoever.

We often hear about big successful collaborations with pretty big name brands, but small businesses find collaborations SO effective too. To someone wondering if it would be a good fit for them, could you tell us your top reasons why they should consider collaborations as a part of their marketing strategy?

  1. Double your organic reach for $0. Teaming up with a complementary brand where you both promote out your campaign across many channels effectively doubles your organic reach! That's massive in itself. When Grace Elizabeth x Party Kit Co. teamed up on a content shoot, looping in other local businesses, they expanded their organic reach to 65,700 people on Instagram alone (not to mention, got a bucketload of beautiful new photography)

  2. More engaging than cold advertising (& less expensive, too) How often have you discovered a cool new instagram account, because someone you already follow has mentioned them? Collaboration marketing is like word-of-mouth marketing on steroids & it's up to 25x less expensive than other digital advertising when done through Collabosaurus. You know the footwear company, Vans? An ad for Vans on its own ... there's only so much you can do to inspire a crowd. They recently teamed up with Harry Potter to release Harry Potter / Hogwarts houses themed shoes - and the internet went wild. They secured press and a tonne of social media shares before even releasing the product.

  3. Grow your network & make connections for life! A great collaboration can last years and doesn't have to end after your first campaign has finished. I've seen a Collabosaurus collaboration that started out as a content series between an interiors blog and a photographer turn into a city guide, then they moved into a shared space together!

  4. Add value to & engage your audience. Collaborating with complementary brands are a fantastic opportunity to really engage your audience and add value. BlackRock x Girlboss teamed up to offer a free financial e-course for women, The Atlantic Byron Bay teamed up with Surf Fest and a Mctavish custom surfboards to promote an incredible prize for surf-lovers, Dove x Getty teamed up to create a stock photo library representing real women - the opportunities are endless!

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And there we have it, straight from the experts mouth. I would love to know what your favourite collaborations are and whether your own business has ever collaborated before? (Feel free to leave a comment below!) I hope this is a little nudge in the direction of trialling a collaboration if you haven’t dipped your toe in the water quite yet.

Jess was such a delight to chat to about all things collaborations, but I got to know some interesting facts about her too… but that is for another day. Stay tuned for part two, where we get to know the super women behind Collabosaurus a little more. It includes career highlights, her weaknesses in business plus Harry Potter, Salsa Dancing and plants… LOTS OF PLANTS.

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Sounding good… but don’t know where to start with a collaboration?

Then head to Collabosaurus… duh!

You can do all sorts of cool things like:

Plus so many more amazing things. Any questions or want to stalk Jess/Collabosaurus down - hit them up on IG @collabosaurus

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