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Keeping keen company with Emma

from Canvast

Welcome to Chapter 2 of Keen Company! 

Your go-to blog series for getting to know the people, inspirations and stories behind some amazing brands. I have hand selected each interviewee and I am so excited to introduce to you power house business women, Emma Lewis. 

If you haven't heard of Canvast, allow me the pleasure of introducing it to you. Emma has created a life planner that helps driven career women sort their shit out! In a digital world full of apps and fancy computer programs, it is so refreshing to have someone waving the flag (and kicking ass) for the traditional pen and paper method. One of my favourite things about this beautiful planner is that it is dateless! No excuses to 'oh I will wait until next year'... nah huh girl, jump on it NOW.

Now let's hear a little something from the women behind it all! Over to Emma...


Q: When people ask who are you and what you do… what do you tell them? Essentially… what is your elevator pitch?

A: I’m Emma and I own Canvast, a sassy life planner for boss bitches, career women and superstars on the express train to the top. Canvast is all about empowerment, adventure, learning and goal setting.

Q: Often a massive struggle for new businesses… how the heck did you come up with your business name?

A: Canvast is two words moulded into one. Canvas and Vast - Canvas meaning that your life is a blank canvas; you create the story and Vast meaning that life is full of endless opportunities; it’s about making the most of them!

Q: Though I am sure there will be many, what would you class as your biggest career/business highlight to date?

A: Launching! Anyone who gets to the point of launching is a bloody legend in my eyes. It takes so much planning, execution, hard work, tears, frustration, doubt and guts to believe in yourself and your idea. I have to remind myself a lot how proud I should be of that.

Q: What is your absolute favourite part about what you do for living?

A: I’m lucky enough that I’ve been able to take 12 months off my full time job to travel around Australia in my camper van and focus on Canvast - it’s pretty amazing! I get to wake up in a different place every morning and do what I love. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE getting amazing feedback and photos from women using their Canvast, I’ll never get sick of that (could you ever as a small business owner!?)

Q: Everyone has to learn things the hard way sometimes, what has been your biggest lesson learnt in your career/business?

A: Don’t take everything personally. Sometimes it’s just business (this is hard for me because I wear my heart on my sleeve) but at the end of the day it means YOU have to fight and work for your own success. Also, learn to love the process - shit goes wrong ALL the time, you have to adapt and change as you go.

...if you want something bad enough and your WHY is a good why, it will happen for you.
— Emma Lewis - Canvast

Q: What is your best piece of advice you like to give other entrepreneurs?

A: Honestly, I think it’s really easy for people to throw advice around like confetti (my god it’s endless) - I’m still in the baby stages of my business as well, so I don't consider myself an expert at anything. What I DO know, is that if you want something bad enough and your WHY is a good why, it will happen for you. Surround yourself with a bomb-ass supportive girl gang and just start.

Q: Cash flow is normally extremely tight when you start a new business, but what would be your non negotiable to skimp out on dollar wise when you first start out?

A: Anything to do with your own self development. That’s a bit left of field isn't it? You can invest all the money in the world into a bangin’ website, influencer budget or marketing expenses...but if you aren’t resilient, motivated AF and confident within yourself and what you’re trying to achieve - you WILL fail.

Q: Who are your mentors and/or biggest sources of inspiration?

A: I’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing women who have all started their own small businesses and I LOVE spending time with them. The only people who understand what you’re going through, are people that have also been through the same thing. They’re also the ones who have amazing advice/ideas/resources.

This is really hard! I cant pick! I went onto the Canvast Instagram to see what sprung to mind, I follow some bomb women who are doing some killer stuff, I can't list them all or we’ll be here forever! But I’m inspired daily by women doing their thang and it spurs me on to keep doin’ mine.

Q: Your biggest goal for the next five years?

A: I want to create more Canvast products to help women achieve all their goals, I want to launch online courses, face to face courses and speak at female led events (that allow the odd F-Bomb here and there) - does that leave me any time to find a husband as well? ;)


Coffee or tea? Coffee

Favourite singer/band? Queen B

Night owl or early bird? Night owl

Favourite city to visit? San Francisco

Most loved food? Buffalo wings and blue cheese (DROOL)

Most hated food? Anchovies 

Collect anything? Memories 

Perfume of choice? Fierce, Abercrombie and Fitch 

Favourite movie? All of the Harry Potter movies (don't you dare judge me)

Favourite book? Shantaram, by Gregory Roberts 



Want to get your hands on one of Emma's amazing planners, head to - and be sure to follow her on Instagram @canvastco

Claire McKeen