Five Things To Stop Doing On Instagram

Social media is a marvellous place to post drunken photos or hot dog leg beach snaps on your personal profile, and also a place to kick some major career goals and grow a brand on your business profile. One thing about social media and Instagram in particular, is except the rules that Zuckerberg bestows on our accounts, it really is just up to the user what they do in this crazy online world.

So I have taken it upon myself to give you some guidelines, a small list of things that you should just immediately STOP doing on Instagram that could either be hurting your brand or simply just not letting it blossom the way it should be. Some may seem simple and obvious but I see it overtime I hop on my feed….

Stop posting with no caption

As a business you are using this platform as a way of communicating with your audience. Whether that is to share a message or to make sales… we are all just out there trying to communicate with our target. So PLEASE do not waste an opportunity to say something to your audience. I do see this happen especially when a quote is being posted in the image. You should STILL be posting a caption! Take the opportunity to engage with your reader, ask them a question, educate them, entertain them or tell them about yourself. Just don’t leave it blank!

Stop posting with a useless caption

Okay I know I JUST said don’t leave it blank but also don’t waste your chance by posting ‘Hello Tuesday’ or by chucking down a sunflower emoji… leave these meaningless captions for your personal page when you don’t know what to caption the picture of your Acai Bowl. I repeat, take this opportunity to engage, entertain, educate… something that is beneficial and make your audience stop and take notice.

Stop hiding yourself

Showing up on Instagram is scary to start off with, I completely understand the ‘but what if someone I know looks at it’ mentality. UMM, SO WHAT if they do… if they are not the most helpful, supportive and kind humans if/when they come across your page… they are not humans you need in your life. People connect so much better with brands when they can see the people behind the brands! So front up, jump on Insta-stories, get some videos happening and start to feel comfortable doing it. Practice does make perfect and it is time to let your personality shine!

Stop ignoring your comments

So you posted a killer photo, attention grabbing caption and the comments are rolling in. Sure some might be bots but there are probably a few real people behind those words, and they have taken the time out to interact with you. You need to engage back, start a dialogue, build relationships and head over to their page and leave a few kind words (NOT just an emoji or two) on some of their posts. Sure we get busy and sometimes might miss a few comments, that is fine, but ensure you are putting all your efforts into engaging, engaging, engaging! Oh and leave a like or a small thank you on the bot comments too… you never know, it could just be a human with terrible communication skills!

Stop choosing aesthetics over content

Having a beautifully designed feed is great, if someone clicks on your profile and it is all symmetrical with a kick ass colour palette, it does have an impact… but if they start clicking on your posts and there is no substance in your content, those aesthetics will only take you so far. Make sure that you are spending just as much time creating this quality content that is going to see your audience come BACK because they are picking up what you are putting down. The other issue I have come across with a ‘pattern’ feed, is what if something super exciting has happened to you… you have a cool photo you want to share but today is a designated ‘quote’ day to keep your pattern how it should be! Don’t dull that excitement and limit yourself… (Disclaimer: I do really like pattern feeds, if you have one, go you! If you want to create one, go for it!! This is just one of the cons of this format, lots of pros!)

And there you have it! I would love to hear your thoughts of these, do you agree or disagree? There are so many guidelines I think we should all be sticking to in order to grow but still flourish creatively. I would love to hear your non negotiable Instagram guidelines you put in place! Comment below, over on Instagram or feel free to DM me.

Claire McKeenComment