Digital Marketing Audits

Digital Marketing Audits

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Want to finally feel confident to invest in your paid digital strategy? (Hint, your strategy should never contain the words ‘boosted posts’)

Investing in paid digital marketing is such an incredible way to reach new customers and fuel growth in your business… when implemented correctly that is 👍🏼 We have heard so many horror stories with people BURNING quickly through their hard earned money by trying to DIY it themselves OR with hiring inexperienced digital marketers. This is why we have introduced Digital Marketing Audits with our partner, Bears Digital Marketing… Scroll down for more info

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Brad is wonderful! He completely transformed my ads from being super basic, to actually acquiring leads and sales. I had never had actual sales come from ads until now!
— Daniella - Amity Created

Why do you need an audit?

An audit is going to allow you to make more confident and empowered choices when it comes to investing your marketing budget. We will ensure you are not pouring money down the drain and get you to start thinking strategically. Your paid advertising should be working as hard for your brand (and bottom line) as possible … and contrary to what a lot of business owners think… this DOES NOT include boosted Facebook and Instagram posts. Let us take you deeper than that!

Who are these audits for?

These audits are going to be the perfect option for you if you have paid advertising running (or have had it running) which could look be either of the following situations:

  • You are currently DIY-ing your paid advertising and would like to have your accounts looked over with a professional eye

  • You are currently outsourcing the management of your paid advertising and are either unhappy with the results or would appreciate a third, unbiased party to provide advice on your accounts/campaigns

If one of these sounds like you, Brad would love to give you the help you need. He will dive into your accounts, and provide you with recommendations that could improve your results and potentially help you stop pouring money down the drain!

What does your audit include?

  • Questionnaire to discover more about your business and background with paid advertising

  • During the audit, Brad will look at your account structure, targeting, audience, previous campaigns, pixels, tracking, improvements to make, opportunities and recommendations as well as ‘what to do now’ provided to you in an easy to reference PDF

  • An optional 30 minute consultation via video call to go over the audit findings and answer any questions

Who is Bears Digital Marketing?

Bears Digital Marketing is proudly owned by Brad Ayres. Senior digital marketing strategist by day, business owner by night and die hard Cronulla Sharks lover all year round. Brad is not only skilled and experienced in crafting paid digital marketing campaigns, but he is also really passionate about it too. Brad has carved a career for himself in the industry working in mainly agency style settings along with experience working client side, including Flight Centre HQ.

The Keen Collective only outsources and recommends one digital marketer to our clients and network, this is of course Bears Digital Marketing!

Working with Bears Digital Marketing has given me the confidence to know that my social media marketing is actually working, while giving me the time to focus on what I do best
— Danielle - Til Death Events