What The Keen Collective Is All About


You might have been following The Keen Collective’s journey for a fair few months, or maybe you have just found us. Either way, I would love to let you know exactly what this business of mine is all about and what we stand for.

As you may have seen, we have been doing some branding and service changes over here (by we, I mean me, I am not only head honcho but the only honcho over here! But WE can dream, right?). Through these changes we have been drilling down into what our core values are, who we see ourselves as and would love to share this so you can get to know our brand all the better.

I don’t want to just tell you what these values are, I want you to feel them… whether you are a client, an avid Insta-fan, or just a lurker (I see you there). I want you to know FEEL these values ripple through our brand and I truly hope that all the content we produce embodies this.

Okay enough riff raff, lets get into it….


One of our main pillars, values and goals is education. I wouldn’t be doing what I was doing today if I didn’t feel like there was a huge gap in the industry that needed to be filled when it comes to education. I see so many people wasting time and money because marketing IS overwhelming. I want to ease this, I want to help you outsource strategically, to develop a marketing strategy, to develop an understanding of social media works, to buy media and advertising effectively… but here is the kicker I want you to understand how and why we do everything! Too many people in this industry are there for a money grab.. ‘tell me your budget and I’ll take care of it’… nah huh! Get savvy about marketing and hold your own in any conversation (particularly when it is with pesky sales people).


I want you to feel empowered to make strategic decisions and to feel confident in your direction. This works hand in hand with education, we can teach you everything you NEED to know about marketing and develop a killer strategy BUT we need you to have the mindset to support it. I also want to help you realise that there are most likely elements of your business that you ARE capable of doing yourself. While I am a big believer in outsourcing, I also believe that sometimes small biz owners just need a nudge in the right direction to feel empowered about their own abilities. After all, not everyone has the $$$ to outsource every damn thing!


When I say collaboration, I don’t just mean a few businesses banding together for a giveaway (though this can be effective if done right!)… I mean collaborating in every since of the word which I view as, individuals working together to achieve a benefit. I strongly believe that if we all work together, to support each other and uplift not only will the world be a better place, but we as people AND our businesses will bloom. When I work with a client, I consider it a collaboration between us… NOT a ‘transaction’.


I once had a client tell me ‘I love your business name because it part of your actual name, plus when I speak to you, you are so keen and bubbly’… I was so flattered! I am naturally a VERY talkative person, I get so excited when speaking with my clients and my passion overflows. I am so glad this also reflects onto my clients and I hope everyone I work with feels that an extra spark of passion in themselves and their business. I like to sprinkle excitement around like confetti, so be prepared for that…. I am passionate about business in general, kick ass marketing and passionate about YOU.

And in a very small nutshell, that is what TKC is all about. We are educational, empowering, collaboration driven, keen beans and we cannot wait to work with you!

Claire McKeen