How Changing Your Desk Set Up Could Change Your Entire Business!

I hear you saying ‘…Claire, you are meant to be talking about marketing, not about what is on your desk!’ but guys, this is super important so I wanted to share.

Most, if not all of the clients that I work with own their own businesses either full time or part time. A large majority of these clients (and my Insta-fam) do work from home, just like I do. This is the part of small business life that I have found the biggest to adjust to, not just the ‘lonely’ factor BUT ensuring that you have a dedicated space to work from. Having this space is so important for a number of reasons but mainly for your daily mindset.

As an example, we just moved into our new house, a renovator. I had been putting off setting up an office because I know we still have to get the floors done, painting needed done and a tonne of other excuses. I felt myself day after day getting less productive, more distracted and my quality of work took a hit.

Here is a truth bomb, you CANNOT produce the same quality of work when you are half horizontal on your sofa, binging on five consecutive seasons of Gossip Girl (I tested it lol). EVEN if you convince yourself that Blair Waldorf is giving you all the sassy, empowering vibes to get you through it all. This was the stage I was at, I snapped out of it and marched to Ikea, picked up my new office set up (somehow crammed it all into my little Mazda 2) and proceeded to have a week of the best and most productive work days that I have had probably since starting my business.


Setting up your office at home doesn’t have to cost the world BUT make sure you do invest some time and at least a couple of hundred dollars to get it looking and feeling good for you. You need to create an environment that you will thrive in and that you want to spend time in. Your environment really does contribute so much to your mindset, so do both you and your business favour and get this done stat! Put it this way, if you got an amazing job at a cool company and they showed you over to a couch with a coffee table and said ‘here is your work station!’, you would be outraged! Treat your home business set up like you would expect a big business to provide you. Start changing your mindset and your business growth will follow suit.

I would also like to point out that I have ALWAYS had this mentality, even when I worked in my corporate office jobs and had a desk or pod, so don’t think this only applies for home workers! I did what I could to make these desks as pleasing and as ‘me’ as I could.

So what are my desk essentials for productivity:

A Big Desk:

I am not sure if this is a weird thing or not, but I like space! I do like having a few essential bits and pieces on my desk BUT I don’t want to feel crowded. Having room to move is a must have for me and my mindset. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a desk so MASSIVE Ikea hack… I bought kitchen bench top! Whaaa?? Simply added the mix and match desk legs to it. Most of the big tables that I liked the look of were $200-$300+… my bench top and legs cost me $90 all together and looks so damn good.

A Comfy Chair:

I don’t think I need to delve too far into why I need a comfy chair. The only thing I will say is that I am talking ergonomic comfort levels, not ‘this is so soft and pretty looking’ comfort levels. I need to know if I sit on this damn thing for 17 hours straight, I will still be able to walk after.

Look Appealing:

My environment HAS to be aesthetically pleasing. I have spent too many years working in 70’s style dated AF offices or worse boring corporate offices that have no personality or character. How do you expect to let you personality shine through your brand and business if you are staring at bland and boring surroundings! Your environment has to reflect you and your business, whatever that may look like! For me personally, I LOVE magazines, so I always have some of my favourite Vogue Covers on my desk somewhere. Cute office stationery/holders/what not is an obvious must have too!

Light Room:

This may not always be your choice or in your control, but if you can, always try to pop your desk in a bright and breezy area. I chose to put my desk in front of a big window, at the front of the house and I look over the garden, which includes a huge Frangipani Tree that is gorgeous to look at as I work (Her name is Frangelica). The bright room always keeps me feeling fresh, and yes it does make videos and photography content so easy to snap as and when I feel like it!

Have Only The Essentials Handy:

On my desk you will find my laptop, a few different sized notebooks, a candle, pens, lip gloss, a coaster for my tea/coffee/water and to be honest not much else except maybe cords and some hair ties. DO NOT clutter your desk. In my opinion, a cluttered workspace equals a cluttered mind. Just keep exactly what you need! Note: I pretty much just need my laptop and phone to operate my business, everything else is just a want. If you are a jewellery designer, you WILL naturally have more clutter, so this will vary depending on your actual work!

So there we have it! My office is still a major work in progress, but our new floors will be going down soon and I will be sure do update you when it is looking a little less like a construction site. Please share your desk or office space with me by tagging my on Insta. I would love to know how your environment effects your work quality and productivity levels too.

Claire McKeen