How To Get Out Of A Content Creation Rut

So you are in a content rut? First off, let us take a moment to reflect… if you are actively creating any of your own content for your social media, I applaud you! Whether 100% of your posts are original work or just a few of them, you should be really proud that you are putting in the effort to create rather than curate. So please take a moment to pat yourself on the back girl!

Secondly, my heart goes out to you and I understand the content rut. Before I rebranded The Keen Collective (and culled a lot of my Insta posts), I had been posting solidly on Instagram and had created well over 230 posts plus stories on top of that! Every damn thing that The Keen Collective posts is made by me, with the exception of the images of me, which is normally my amazing photographer, Kate’s work.

There are occasional downsides to this… some weeks my brain and creativity juice was totally drained, my creative eye would have massive mood swings. I would look at my feed and think what I am even doing, this looks terrible, what is wrong with me. Sound familiar? This is completely normal! I have popped together my top tips for getting out of a rut like this and back into feeling confident, creative and YOU again.

Step Away

You are only being too critical of your work because you are so close to it. I was posting every day on Instagram, which meant when I was going through some dips in creativity and entering my creative rut… I would basically be adding more shit to the pile! As soon as you start feeling BLEH about it all, step away immediately. Take a few days off, don’t look on social media, stop comparing yourself to others and just experience the world outside of your phone. I have found that sometimes, simply doing this is what I need to get back on the bandwagon.


Your content creation rut can stem from SO many things… you need to have a think whether perhaps you are outgrowing the theme/style/look you are going for. If its been 6 months and you are keeping up an aesthetically pleasing pattern that you shudder every time you look at it, change it up. Do you need to swap a colour out? Try some new editing techniques or filters? This doesn’t have to be a massive change or rebrand, but what can you shake up to get you excited about again?


Remove Any Restrictive Posting Strategies

I will sound like a complete broken record soon, but are you a slave to your aesthetics? If you read my last blog post… this isn’t deja vu, simply a point I want to hammer home. Ready for it? Your Instagram profile aesthetics don’t mean shit if your content is trash and not value filled! Got it? This sounds harsh but unfortunately it is the truth. Imagine you are a nutritionist, do you think people will say ‘I had to book an appointment with you because your Instagram pattern was so cool!’…. HELL NO. They will book with you because they feel educated, inspired, they see client testimonials, they trust you and want to work with you. So take away the pressure of having a pattern or strict theme and just post intuitively for a little while. (PS… again, if you work with a pattern… it works for you and you enjoy it… amazing, keep doing you! They look kick ass)

Create A Personal Challenge

This is a favourite of mine! I had been wanting to start regular blogs all year… but it was something that always got re-written on my next days to do list, never a priority. So I thought how can I commit and dive in the deep end?? Enter Blogmas, which is what you are reading now. I told my audience about my Blogmas challenge, which is a blog Monday to Friday everyday leading up to Christmas! Big task, ohhh yes. At the end of the day, it does not matter if I skip a day or two… I am pushing myself, loving it and my audience is loving it (thanks guys!). My business can only benefit from this and in January when I decide to drop back to two blogs a month, it is going to be a piece of cake in comparison. Your challenge could be anything you like… such as showing up everyday for 7 days on your Insta-stories, committing to posting 5 times a week on Facebook, or writing a blog post a week for an entire month. The main thing to remember is make it realistic, ensure it will push you and track it! Oh, don’t forget to tell everyone about it too. It is a lot harder to give up if everybody is keeping you accountable.

Chat To Someone

Going back and forth with yourself can only take you so far. Rope in a friend, family member or even book a session with someone like me! A consultation might be just what you need to get you on the right path, start thinking strategically, to create an action plan and to get you feeling motivated and inspired again. My Marketing Essentials Training can focus on social media and content creation if this is where you need the most help! However, at the very least grab someone close to you and just ask if they could listen to you for half an hour and be a sound board for you. You will often find as you start talking, your true thoughts and feelings will begin to pour out, helping you to move forward and out of your rut.

I encourage you to push past these phases and keep making your own content. Sometimes it will just take some time. I would love to hear your tactics for getting out of content creation ruts! Comment below or on Instagram to share, you never know who might be reading and how it could help them!

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