My Number One Lesson After 6 Months In Business

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It is almost 6 months to the date that I have been full time in The Keen Collective, and not more than 7 months that I have been running the actual business itself. This is a short time but my god have I learned some BIG lessons.

I have learned that I am absolutely terrible at accounting and any type of bookkeeping related activities. I have learned what I am good at, what I am not so good at and what I REALLY enjoy. I have experienced some amazing clients, and enjoyed learning from the bad ones too.

But what is that one thing that has managed to claim victory as my number one lesson in business? That you need to nurture, grow, support, love and surround yourself with a community of like minded people. They don’t HAVE to be other business owners in the same situation as you are in. I encourage you to have some people in your support system who are outside of the small business owner world so they can provide another perspective.

However if there is one thing I implore you to do, it is to build your tribe of like minded small business owners as well! They will understand when you are going through in the tough times, they will cheer you on when you are going through your great times and be with you for the more plain days in between… which is equally important, if not more important, than the bad/great times … this is the key to not going bonkers!

I have always worked in really bustling, social offices - particularly when I worked at Channel 7. I was so close to my workmates, they were more than colleagues, they were simply my friends, chatting about everything and anything is we worked away every day alongside each other. Flash forward to now, my office friends consist of whatever flowers are brightening up my desk and my fan (because Summer in QLD is a hot mess). So it 1000% gets damn lonely, but knowing I have a handful of kind, supportive business friends who are potentially having conversations with their office plants too, just on the other end of the phone, is a massive relief.

Get to know each other, NOT just each others businesses. Create meaningful relationships, call them when you have a problem, need to rant, found out some amazing news or even if you just have a funny story to tell. Nurture these relationships now and you will all benefit from it in years to come. I like to mentally call my community ‘Virtual Office Friends’, because at the end of the day, that is pretty much what they are in my eyes!

Shout out to my MVP’s…. Yiota from Ola Digital (girl, not enough words to thank you!), Emma from Canvast, Andrea from Now or Never Design, Kim from OK Dolls, Shanny from Wild Spark Copy and everyone else who listens to my rambles and connects with little old me at The Keen Collective. Ya’ll keep me sane, keep me accountable and I couldn’t thank you enough. I probably would have thrown this whole business thing in the bin about 7 times if it wasn’t for your support, and encouragement. Even just watching everyone killing it in their own businesses and thankfully documenting your successes/journey on Instagram is a massive inspiration to me every damn day.

OKAAAY getting way too deep in rambles now and will only get soppier and soppier. Key takeaway is build your community and love the SHIT OUT OF THEM!

Claire x

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