My Secret Sauce To Naming A Business


Naming your business can be easily one of the hardest things to do when starting out! I envy those people who it just ‘came to’, and I’m not going to lie at least once every few weeks I think to myself, should I change The Keen Collective and just roll with my full name instead.

But for now The Keen Collective is serving me well and I think its quite fitting for my brand. So how did I come up with it and what is the secret sauce? Well in this scenario, the sauce is more an exercise that is SO common, but my secret key is repetition… ready for it?

MIND MAPS! I could not tell you how many mind maps I made… whether it was sitting down with a big bit of paper and dedicating time towards it, or sitting at my 9-5 job jotting down mini mind maps on post it notes (then throwing them away in a hurry when the boss sat down next to me).

The key is repetition because the more you do it, the more your subconscious takes over and you start thinking of words that REALLY resonate with you on a deeper level and not just on the surface. This is a process you can 100& use for naming anything, it could be a product line, course name, service offering, heck… even a baby name!


Mind map until you just cannot mind map anymore and then one of two things will happen, you might write one special word down and have your ‘ah-ha!’ moment. Or you can go back over all your scribbles (so make sure you keep them in a safe place) and start noticing trends, words that reappear and highlight the words that you are immediately drawn to. If nothing is feeling quite right after this, I encourage you to brain storm with other people, float some ideas by your friends and family.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have the ‘ah-ha’ outcome. I was on a roll with words relating to ‘passion’, then all of a sudden I wrote ‘keen’. I stopped and thought, wait a minute, it has been in front of me this entire time! My last name is McKeen, so as soon as I wrote that, the stars aligned and I knew I was headed in the right direction. It didn’t take me long to complement it with ‘The Collective’, as my business was, at that point in time, a big dreaming side hustle, I didn’t want to pigeonhole it with a really specific name because I didn’t know what I wanted it to become. However, what I did know was that this name represented who I was, what I wanted my brand to become and the style of services I wanted to offer.

If mind maps are the secret sauce, using an online Thesaurus is the salt and pepper… use that baby wisely and often. Not only does it help your brainstorming, but seeing all these words written down can help you think of quirky and personal puns that you could potentially use!

I would LOVE to hear the story about how you came up with your business name! Drop a comment below or over on Insta!

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